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  1. @emmea90 Do you have the psd file of the hall of fame of the PCM world Cup ?
  2. The world cup is over for my, first i want to thank the staff for the organisation of this event ! I have to say you added some good points for this points like: don't play in the weekend + you can go to the final in first round by winning the game. Imo the World cup takes to long, you can just take 3 weeks for the solo competition and 1 for the team. You can play the second change on same day as next round and play all rounds of team on 1 day. You did a great job, i know it takes a lot of work. Also a big thank you to the other players, i liked to race with you. Also with you @decastiago
  3. i change my country to Italy please
  4. Yesterday we started 5 min when 1 player was missing. The first reserve played the game then
  5. Omg we are so good we won !
  6. in stage 3 i finished 6th not last but doesnt mather im still out
  7. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/f18ngqapeuy77ld/AACwkh71jH--VOsg4F_ZMUVra?dl=0 Lombardia
  8. Team: Netherlands Captain: Xode members: Jeis, Jimmy, Lehmay, Ddamore, Turbojurbo, groentje

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