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  1. 20:30 room open, 20:45 start?
  2. Hey, I do'nt want to bother you but in this weeks we start with some nice Online Cups. Just to let you know if you are intersted in playing online or in winning a free PCM version. - Online Career Like every year we play online career. There are some mayor changes this year made by Appeltaart and me. Dont be shy to sign up maybe you can share a team with other Italians. We start with the building of the teams at 06-09 and we play every monday and thursday. http://forum.pcmfocus.com/topic/38198-teams-subscriptions/ - PCM World League THis year Edox organises a nice online cup with some Track & Road tournamens and an online cup every wednesday. Interesting: the winner gets a free version of PCM17! The first tournament is on 12-09. http://forum.pcmfocus.com/topic/38222-online-pcm-world-league/#comment-1206334 @Davi @pierociaca @everyone who's interested
  3. y, but official it's incorrect, and this world cup evenement is very formal!
  4. It are just the 2 most important, arrogant and egoistic provinces of the Netherlands
  5. No: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holland
  6. * Netherlands Nobody of our team was from Holland.
  7. Am I reserve for the final? @emmea90
  8. ITA - NED 1-4 POR - NED 4-1
  9. I'm not sure if I can play the first stage today. Btw @Noris85 there was a mistake in the ingame classification for the first intermediate sprint. I was first, @NewOldStuff was second. Watch the amount of points of L.Bak and P.Weening in the export.

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Cycling Manager Italia è la community ufficiale Italiana, fondata nel 2003 e tra le più attive nel settore di Pro Cycling Manager.