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Improving Regen Names in PCM

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Sorry about the post in English. :)


We all hate terrible regen names in PCM but every career when you look at the U23 tab you see names that are grating, unrealistic and just annoying to see in your career and the problem gets worse as your career goes on, it doesn't make it unplayable like some things but it would be a real improvement to realism if we could just get some names that made sense.
The problem is that Cyanide's list of available regen names is, frankly, terrible and it's hard for an individual or small group of people to improve these names, because, while 1 person is an expert on the names in 1 or maybe 2 countries because they live around those names their whole life, it'd be a great challenge for anybody to realistically give names for a foreign country without the list turning out to be biased towards the names of very famous people or be a bit off in general.
However, I know that I myself could, for example, list a good batch of Australian Names, in 10 minutes or so and I'm sure most people could do this for their home country of countries they have lived in.
So I have created a file where there is space to input names for whatever countries you have a knowledge on the names on, add as little or as many as you like, the big cycling coutries probably only need 40 or 50 first and last names total, while countries with less cyclists probably only need 20 names or so to keep variety.
You can put as many or as little number of names as you like, I'm sure it'd only take 10 minutes of someone's time to provide a good list of names from the country where they are from or know about and for the big countries hopefully more people can contribute so we it's not too much work for any one person.
Guidelines for adding Names:
- Try to avoid adding too many names of famous people, particularly if that name is not actually common at all in normal society.
- It's most important to get names that many people have, however it's alright to also have some uncommon names to mix it up a bit, just makes sure these are names that exist in real life and don't just belong to a tiny minority.
- Make sure the Country is spelt correctly and has a capital letter, this makes things neater and easier when collating it.
- If you don't like a name or want to discuss it further, make a note in the Feedback column and post on this thread, if you want to make a note on the name you are adding (like a region for countries where PCM allows that), add it in the Additional Notes column.
- It's preferably that you do not add names unless you are certain they should be in the DB, if you know nothing about names from a country, don't begin listing the names of top cyclists or Baby Names you've searched up or anything as they don't necessarily reflect reality.
- Most importantly however is that we deal with Cyanide's biggest flaw, which is that they often have a lot of weird names arising from Names of other cultures. An example of this is that, in Australia, Greek Names are quite common, people with Greek Last names and Greek First Names, or Greek Last Names and Australian First Names are common, however, somebody having a Greek First Name and Australian Last Name is pretty rare, in a case like this, only add First Names that are compatible with the vast majority of Last Names for their nation and Vice Versa! By that I mean, don't add a first name which only makes sense with 1 or 2 last names and not the rest.
It'd be great if everybody could spend a couple minutes listing the names for nation's they know and we can improve PCM so that the regens can have realistic names in all future years. :) I'll post this on other PCM sites and hopefully all communities can collaborate.
Here is the link to a file, everybody is on Suggest Mode so that I can moderate suggestions:

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