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Lachi's Editor 2017 1.0.0

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About This File

La versione 2017 di uno dei più popolari editor di database per Pro Cycling Manager. Se non sapete come utilizzarlo, date un'occhiata QUI. Alcune caratteristiche:


This version should be able to open all tables in the PCM 2017 databases as well as the local.cdb

Updates in v31:
- None except compatibility with PCM 2017

Updates in v30:
- Additional filter criteria: Contains
The filtering criterias have to be separated by comma
- Bugfix for crash in file selection dialog

Updates in v29:
- Lookups for DYN_season_targets

Features (same as last years version):
- Numbers are displayed nice
- Look-up of linked tables (fkID...) 
- Recognizes totally wrong numbers
- Possibility to only see data from own team
- Table layouts can be customized and saved
- Individual table layouts for each game version
- Works with all versions of the game (hopefully)
- 7 languages: English, German, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian
- Referential integrity for foreign keys (fkID...)
- Tables linked to parent table
- Linked tables are sorted alphabetically
- Filtering is possible for all tables and columns
- Region lookup in DYN_sponsor + sponsor_region shows country + region
- Mass editing feature


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